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Please Read: Important Information

1) All dogs must be tick free before boarding here. While we regularly treat our place to prevent ticks, it is the owner's duty to protect your dog, and make sure your dog has the necessary tick protection before boarding. Bring along your dog's tick protection for us to apply if the date is due while boarding. Frontline Tick Protection is available here @ $15/application. We DO NOT ACCEPT dogs with ticks. If found with ticks, your dog will be returned immediately to you & $200 boarding fees (per dog) deducted for deticking of our residence. Do not bring your dog here if you know your dogs have ticks. Spare a thought for the other tick-free dogs boarding here. If we reject your dog, we are being responsible to other dog owners who board their dogs with us and who kept their dogs tick-free. We will not hesitate to reject dogs IMMEDIATELY if found with ticks.

2) If your dog is scratching excessively, suspected to have bugs/mites/fleas,etc, or have some form of skin condition which might be contagious, do not bring your dog here. Dogs emitting a foul odour in an unclean state will not be allowed to board here. If found to have an undesirable health condition not told to us before the boarding, we reserve the rights to reject your dog at any time, even if you are overseas. Therefore to avoid such an unpleasant scenario, if your dog is in an unhealthy condition, do not bring here for boarding. All dog boarding here must be in a clean healthy condition before they are allowed to stay here.

3) All dogs staying here must be able to get along with other dogs without fighting or biting. If your dog have a history of biting its handlers and/or other dogs, do not board your dog here. We do not wish to get bitten, neither do the dogs staying here. Boarding your dog with us with the knowledge that it may bite is irresponsible and causes harm to others. If doctor/veterinary help is needed, full medical fees will be borne by you. If necessary, the dog bite incident will be reported to the authorities.

4) We have encountered 2 very rare and unpleasant cases of blind dogs that purposely step on their own poop after finishing their business and spreading it all over the floor. This is a very unhygienic and disgusting habit not corrected by the owner. We do not accept dogs with such bad habit of purposely stepping on their own poop. The last case was in March 2015. If your dog is of such nature and not told to us before the boarding, we will have to ask you to to find alternative sources of boarding in consideration of other dogs boarding here who are seeking a clean environment.

5) You may arrange a viewing of the facility before boarding your dog. Please observe some basic rules during visitation. a) Do bring your dog to relieve itself first before entering. b) Remove your shoes c) Keep your dog leashed during viewing if your dog has the tendency to "mark" the premises. d) Do not leave your bags on the floor e) Do not touch/feed/handle any of our boarding dogs. The visit is a good time for both parties to access the suitability of your dog boarding here and for you to ask questions. As time is precious, please arrange for all parties involved (spouse/partner/children/dog,etc) to come in one visit instead of arranging for multiple visits before the boarding. Do not pre-arrange to come for the viewing with another dog-owner-friend without first informing us as all viewings are only for sincere dog-owners who have confirmed travel dates. Those without can always contact me separately once their dates are confirmed. If you would like to place your dog here, do prepare $100 (January to November) or $200 (December) as deposit or full payment (CNY) for confirmation of the boarding.

99% of our visitors are courteous and pleasant. However, for the other 1%, please be reminded to be respectful as a visitor and think through properly to avoid blurting out all sorts of questions & comments that are potentially awkward and offensive. We know you have questions which we are happy to answer, however, do have some self-control and do not go overboard with your questions and over-concerns, and keep all questions related to dog boarding. Do not ask us personal questions. Do not complicate things when it can be simple and pleasant. Unpleasant visitors will not be entertained and will be asked to leave the premises. Your manners is greatly appreciated. 

6) A booking is only confirmed with a deposit of $100 (January-November) or $200 (December) or full payment for CNY. For Peak Periods: Do not use high-handed tactics such as passing off your enquiry or visit as a booking if you only wish to confirm at the last minute when there are no more available slots. We do not follow-up on enquiries or visits, therefore it is the owner's duty to make sure your booking is confirmed by following the proper procedure. Do not vent your frustration or anger on us if you fail to do so. There is no issue for those who follow the proper procedure for booking confirmation. Do not request to reserve the slot first for your dog prior to your visit to place your deposit. We will not entertain such requests as it is not our duty to update you on the status of availability should you delay in turning up to place the deposit. If you are sure you want to place your dog here, you may do an immediate bank transfer and there is no need to come down in person to place the deposit.

7) Do make sure your trip is confirmed before making the deposit as all deposits are non-refundable. In the event a deposit is made and your trip is cancelled, the deposit is valid for one month from the reserved date and you may reschedule the trip within the one month period, depending on availability. Only one re-scheduling is allowed.

8) Do bring sufficient dog food for the entire duration of your dog's stay. If there's a shortfall of food, we'll purchase the usual dry/wet food for your dog and this is chargeable. Also, you might want to pack some canned food if your dog does not eat dry food alone well. Extra food will be returned to owners.

9) I am happy to reply to Call/Email/SMS/WhatsApp should owners like to know the status of their dogs. In the event of an emergency, owners will be informed immediately. We provide text updates, upon request. One photo or video may be included, upon request. All free photos/videos will be shared only through whatsapp or email. Do not keep requesting for more updates/pictures/videos than what's necessary. More time can then be spend on quality care of your dogs, which is the priority, instead of entertaining photo/video requests. 

10) Do inform us early if you have made an appointment for viewing or reserved a spot, and have changed your plans for boarding.

11) Please be rest assured that there is always someone around with the dogs at all times. If ever I need to run some errands or recharge myself outside, or husband and wife needs to go out together, we do have stand-in help available at all times watching over the little ones.

12) Kindly refrain from messaging me past midnight asking me about your dog or worse, asking me to take photo of your dog at 1am! It has happened before. Unbelievable but true! I am awake does not mean I am available to cater to your requests especially when that is the hour to rest and unwind!