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Dog Boarding Rates Per Day

Boarding Rates Per Day
(*Dry/Wet/BARF/Home-Cooked food provided by owner):
A $100 deposit (per dog) is required to reserve the slot for your dog.
All boarding fees to be settled in full upon check-in. 

Small Dogs ( Below 10kg) ------------------------------------- $50 Nett
eg. Bichon, Chihuahua, CKCS (small), Mini Dachshund, Italian Greyhound, Maltese, Mini Pinscher, Toy/Mini Poodle, Mini Schnauzer, Papillon, Pomeranian, Pug, Cairn/Jack Russell/Silky/West Highland/Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu, Shetland Sheepdog (small), etc.

Small-Medium Dogs (10-15kg) ------------------------------- $60 Nett
eg. Cavoodle (Long-hair), CKCS (Big-Boned), Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Shetland Sheepdog (Big-Boned), Labradoodle, Whippet, etc.

(Heavier breeds eg.SightHounds that are good indoors will be considered. Pls check individually with me.)

Call me Junie @ 8186 5999 or email me:

Visit my list of Dog Hotel Guests & find out the various dog breeds we have taken care of:
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Medication & Special Needs -------------------------------- Free

Vet Visits
If Sunset Way Clinics, $50 per visit + Medical Fees
If Personal Choice Clinics, $55 per visit + Medical Fees
If Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre (ARVC) @ Balestier, $60 per visit + Medical Fees
(This is to cover for Pet Taxi + Time/Effort spend waiting. Extra surcharge for ARVC for the extra long waiting time.)

Peak Periods

Public Holidays ------------------------------------------ No Additional Surcharge
Christmas Season --------------------------------------- No Additional Surcharge ($200 deposit per dog upon confirmation. No refund for cancellation.)
Chinese New Year -------------------------------------  Full payment upon confirmation. No refund for cancellation or even if you cut short the boarding period.

* A Few Important Points About Food *
1) Food is not inclusive as it is best for your dog to stick to its usual diet throughout its stay here because,
i) Any changes to a dog's diet may cause a tummy upset
ii) Dogs on a new diet may not adapt back easily to their usual diet.
2) If your dog is on a home-cooked diet. You may pre-prepare it & bring it along. All pre-prepared home-cooked food will be reheated before serving.
3) I can cook your dog's food at no extra cost if needed.
4) Dogs on home-cooked food provided by Singapore Dog Hotel will cost an additional $10/day.