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Items to Pack for Your Dog's Hotel Stay

What To Bring:
1) AVA Dog License
2) Enough Dog Food to last the whole duration of stay.
3) Snacks, if any.
4) Dog's Shampoo, if your dog is on prescribed medicated shampoo.
5) Dog's Bed, if there's one.
6) Pee Pads, if your dog is pee pad trained
7) Favorite Toy/s. (Bring only their favourite toy/s)
8) Grooming Items, if needed. (eg. Brush, Ear Cleaner, Toothbrush, etc)
9) Dog's Bowl (Optional)
10) And of course, your dog's collar and leash.

Note: Do bring along only the necessities as space is limited.

What Not To Bring:
1) Newspapers.
2) Bath Towels.
3) Anything bulky that is not necessary.