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New! (2013) Angelic Reiki For Dogs (Free Service)

3 September 2013

Dear All,
I have been benefiting from the wonderful healing energy of Angelic Reiki since 2010. I am now offering free Angelic Reiki healing for any dogs (big or small), with any issues that need some loving healing Reiki energy. Angelic Reiki uses the gentle yet powerful healing energies of 100% Pure Light Beings.

The free service I am offering is in the form of distance healing, where no visit is necessary. Your dog may be in any part of the world and will still be able to receive this healing energy. If your dog is a dog hotel guest and staying here with us, I will provide hands-on healing should your dog be in any discomfort.

The benefits of Angelic Reiki is a sense of well-being and being able to withstand better whatever ailments that is bothering your dog. Angelic Reiki energy is calming and soothing to the dogs. Feel free to email me Do include a photo of your dog, which part of Singapore or the World you are from, and a description of the issue your dog is facing.